Do You Know About Pharmaceutical Warehousing?

Do You Know About Pharmaceutical Warehousing?

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As per statistics available, 70 percent people the US usually take minimum one prescription drug.  While such drugs may be vital and even life-saving drugs, their quality and potency need to be preserved right from production to actual consumption.

Therefore, great care is needed all throughout the supply chain for keeping these drugs safely in optimal condition.

Therefore, pharmaceutical warehousing is more than simple product storage.  It will be an operation which preserves integrity of your drugs which affect your health and wellbeing.

Belley’s warehouse is quite well known for offering such services for storing pharmaceutical items.

About pharmaceutical warehousing

Most pharmaceutical products are stringently regulated and Food and Drug Administration known as the FDA does that job. Regulatory standards of the FDA for the industry can be referred to Current Good Manufacturing Practice which is also called Good Manufacturing Practice.

These standards generally apply to warehouse, process and also to drugs themselves.

CGMPs warehousing includes:

  • Drugs need to be stored for preventing contamination and must be positioned for allowing inspection and also cleaning the area.
  • It is necessary for each drug product to have separate identification with a distinctive code and its status should be identified.
  • There must be written procedures describing the distribution process meant for each of the drugs. This must also include procedures for recalls.
  • All written procedures should describe appropriate storage conditions meant for each drug.

Major challenges for pharmaceutical warehousing are maintaining appropriate condition for storage.  Every drug has different requirements when it comes to temperature, humidity, or lighting.

Therefore, warehousing provider has to ensure that storage of all drugs should be in line with specific requirements as defined by the manufacturer.

Selecting warehousing partner

While looking for certain logistics provider for handling pharmaceutical warehousing operation, you have to look for plenty of things. Besides CGMPs as listed above, your prospective logistics partner must show the following:

  • Their facility must be clean and should have sufficient space for storage which also allows for certain maintenance and inspection. There should be adequate ventilation, lighting and also environmental conditions meant for drugs being stored.
  • All the security systems of the facility and processes from inside and outside should restrict unauthorized entry or protect against theft.
  • Those drugs having no specific storage requirements must be stored at properly “controlled room temperature” as per FDA guidelines.
  • Provider’s inventory and also WMS systems should provide visibility about the location of the product.
  • Logistics partner must offer written documentation of their policies and procedures and also inventories and distribution.

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